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Water Jet Cutting of MaterialsIndustrial cutting is generally done using one of two main methods; both plasma and waterjet cutting systems. Both processes have advantages, however, industrialists are finding more use of the waterjet cutting system. Both cutting techniques are used to precisely cut thick, durable material such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Waterjet cutting is applied to a wider variety of materials due to its many benefits and advantages. Materials such as granite and marble can be cut with this system.
What Is Waterjet Cutting?
Waterjet cutting uses jets to shoot water at extremely high pressures through a small hole. Often the water is mixed with an abrasive substance. When waterjets are applied to highly durable materials, it allows for extreme precise cutting along with smooth angles and clean finishes. The precision of waterjets reduces the need for secondary operations, meaning that not only is waterjet cutting more time-efficient, it is also more cost effective.
Water Jet Cutting of MaterialsAs there is a wide selection of materials that cannot withstand the heat of lasers and plasma cutting, waterjet cutting is an ideal option. For example, materials such as pre-hardened steel are prone to distortion when other profile methods are used. Stainless steel and mild steel are also far easier to cut using waterjet technology. The process is faster and more accurate. Waterjet cutting is also ideal for more exotic materials such as titanium. In addition, the use of water jets makes it easier to cut virtually any shape out of your material.
Why Choose Advanced Profiles?
Our waterjet cutting services allow for accuracy and precision. We complete all jobs with total consideration for both your materials and your budget. Our table space holds at 18 feet by 36 feet with 13-inch clearance from table to dual cutting heads and this is topped with 100 horsepower. Therefore, we are able to accommodate jobs of nearly any size. In addition, we offer safe storage of your materials between the time you drop them off and pick them up. Our dual overhead cranes have a lifting capacity of 40,000 kg and this permits us to accommodate your business needs.
Our company maintains a strong commitment towards remaining knowledgeable on all advancements in profile cutting technologies. Therefore, Advanced Profiles is able to provide our customers with up-to-date services. Due to the vast experience of our personnel, we can take your sketches and apply them in the industrial sphere.

Our company not only offers waterjet cutting. Advanced Profiles offers plasma cuttings as well as beveling.
Depending on your needs and your material, one of our experts will be able to guide you towards the right choice.
Advanced Profiles offers top profile cutting services for virtually any material. Our waterjet cutting system can accommodate jobs of all sizes and puts us above our competitors. Call us at 905- 695-1245 to see how we can help you today.
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